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“Why are objects on top of furniture instead of being integrated intp them?” FUI is born from a simple personal thought. Working on a concept of furniture that has not been explored, allowed me to move freely without any sort of projectual constraints towards a new domestic landscape. After a first analysis, I started to find different links that led to the beginning of a solid project, based on key concepts such as modularity, exchange, customization, new domesticity and organization. FUI is a collection of interactive furniture, more specifically: a desk, a bookcase and a small table, whose tops are composed of wireless modules, each one of them having a specific function and powered by an induction technology electrified base positioned below them. The dynamicity of the furniture allows the customers to create and customize the product to suit their needs, choosing from first collection modules by specific categories of objects such as: vases, lights, speakers, organizer, charger/sockets, and move them from one furniture to the other. 

FUI's intention is to explore a new possible evolution of the current concept of “furniture”: a style innovation in which the simplicity of a daily used object meets modularity function and wireless induction technology. The project has led to explore new design scenarios, discovering new ways of interacting with objects and new possibilities for hybridization.  

Fui collection was shown at Salone Satellite 2017 were was selected among the 108 projects in '8th Salone Satellite Award'.